PaxMed Obtains FDA Clearance for Southern Implants’ Zygomatic System

February 27, 2018: PaxMed proudly announces the FDA clearance of a 510(k) for the Zygomatic System, on behalf of Southern Implants (Pty) Ltd 510(k) of Irene, South Africa. This clearance includes fully-threaded and partially-threaded root-form dental implants and mating abutments designed for placement into the zygomatic bone. All implants are provided with an external hexagon abutment interface angled 55° at the head of the implant. The implants are provided in three designs: Standard implant, fully threaded, diameter 4.3 mm (coronal) tapering to 3.8 mm (apical), in lengths of 30 mm and 57.5 mm; Zygan implant, partially threaded, diameter 4.3 mm (coronal) tapering to 3.4 mm (apical), in lengths from 30 mm to 57.5 mm; and Oncology implant, partially threaded diameter 4.3 mm (coronal) tapering to 3.8 mm (apical), in lengths from 30 mm to 47. 5 mm.

This clearance includes additional designs of Compact Conical Abutments (gingival heights 2, 3, 4, and 5.5 mm) for use with any of the implants. This clearance also includes a Titanium Cylinder Abutment, for use with the Compact Conical Abutments, with a collar (gingival) height of 5 mm, and a prosthetic platform diameter of 3.4 mm.

This clearance is the 204th for PaxMed and the 48th for PaxMed’s Dr. Kevin Thomas.