PaxMed Celebrates the 250th FDA 510(k) Clearance

PaxMed International’s 30th Anniversary in the regulatory space was celebrated in 2020 as a leader in assisting companies domestically and internationally to bring medical devices to market. Many companies need help in navigating the regulatory pathways as they strive to bring a better quality of life to people around the world, and PaxMed has been guiding our clients through this maze. Most notably, our expertise includes dental implants and abutments. Our company just reached a new milestone today with our 250th FDA 510(k) marketing clearance in collaboration with our client Sistema de Implante Nacional S.A. of Brazil. Dr. Kevin Thomas, VP and Director of Regulatory Affairs at PaxMed also celebrates his 85th FDA clearance over his 13 years with PaxMed. Check out our 510(k) page here: Join us in celebrating these two momentous achievements!