Make your voice heard on international standards for dental implants and implantable materials in dentistry.


Floyd Larson, President of PaxMed International, is seeking input from the US dental implant community on US and international standards under development or on the need for new standards. Floyd will chair the dental implant standards subcommittee (SC 8) of ISO Technical Committee (TC) 106 on Dentistry in Osaka, Japan, during the meeting of ISO/TC 106 from September 16 – 20, 2019. He also will serve as Head of Delegation for the United States delegation to SC 8, and will convene Working Group 4 on mechanical testing of dental implant systems. The US delegation to ISO/TC 106 is managed by the American Dental Association, in conjunction with its Standards Committee on Dental Products (SCDP). Floyd also serves as Chair of ADA SCDP Subcommittee 8 on Dental Implants.

In many cases, ISO standards that are suggested by member bodies (countries) have a significant impact on the dental implant industry and user communities. It is important that all stakeholders have a voice in shaping the standards to maximize their value in improving implantable dental devices and materials or in minimizing worldwide regulatory burdens. If you would like to know more about the ADA and ISO standards development process or about specific standards under development, or if you would like to suggest development of new standards at ADA or ISO, please contact Floyd by calling PaxMed or by sending an email message to

Stakeholders outside the US may contact Floyd as Chair of SC8, but their official input to the committee will be via their national standards organizations

Current projects in ISO/TC 106 SC 8 include the following:

• Revision of ISO 14801:2016 Dentistry – Implants – Dynamic loading test for endosseous dental implants

• Development of a new standard on endosseous metal dental implant characteristics

• Development of a new standard on fit between dental implants and abutments

• Development of a new standard on testing of abutment systems for removable dentures

• Revision of ISO 22794 Dentistry – Implants – Implantable materials for bone filling and augmentation in oral and maxillofacial surgery – Contents of a technical file